As a leading provider of sheet metal fabrication services for the aerospace market, LTi Metaltech can manufacture high integrity welded components for a wide range of applications including pressure vessels, engine parts, turbine disks, compressor blades, rotor hubs and fasteners. 

Robustness and safety is absolutely critical in aerospace applications. It’s therefore essential that the materials and techniques used enable structures to withstand the most extreme pressures and temperature differentials.

LTi is able to fabricate from a range materials including high purity aluminium and aluminium alloys, whose high strength and excellent fatigue resistance make them ideal for aerospace environments where a good strength-to-weight ratio is also required. Through the use of advance techniques including laser welding, laser drilling and laser cutting, LTi can ensure the required quality and precision needed for the manufacture of intricate components.


LTi offers advanced fabrication and welding services for a wide range of aerospace applications including aviation, spacecraft, rockets and satellites.


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Core expertise

  • Over 46,000 sq ft total factory space

  • High Integrity, regulated State-of-the-art vessels and structures manufactured using Stainless Steel, Copper and high purity Aluminium

  • LTi employs around 100 people which includes one of the largest group of specialist coded welders in the South East of England

  • New manufacturing technologies and a global supply chain to reduce costs

  • ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 and NDA compliance

  • Members of the British Cryogenics Cluster and The Welding Institute (TWI), the Pressure Vessel Manufactures Forum (PVMF) and the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA)

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