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Innovative Design and Process Development

At LTi Metaltech, we deliver high quality and cost-effective design and process solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Our fabrication and welding solutions meet the technical specifications and highly demanding regulatory requirements.

Our success is derived from our ability to listen to the challenges our customers face and create innovative technical solutions.

Our team of highly skilled engineers are dedicated to creating and manufacturing the highest quality solutions for our customers.

  • Our design team has a wealth of experience and knowledge in manufacturing; allowing us to ensure that all concepts we design are ‘Designed for Manufacture’ (DFM).
  • Our supply chain partners operate under NDA, which gives reassurance and security that your projects are handled in a professional manner.
Design & Dev
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We work on a project-oriented basis with a dedicated project manager, responsible for everything from development to design and programming to production. We always like to work directly with you so that we can engineer the best possible solutions to meet your specific needs. This makes it easier for you and ensures that you know exactly who’s on hand to deliver each aspect of your project. This is something that our new customers experience, right from the very first consultation meeting with us.

For more information about our expert design for manufacturing skills and capabilities contact us now!