Transport & Storage

LTi Metaltech can create high pressured fabrication structures that can help realise purpose-built tank containers for liquefied natural gas (LNG; methane, cryogenically liquefied) during transportation.

Traditionally, natural gas is transported through pipelines in gaseous form, but cryogenic liquefied natural gas can be transported by ship, truck, tank containers and rail more efficiently and effectively. Cryogenic vessels are used to ensure the LNG can be stored at extreme low temperatures, whilst maintaining sealed containers through high-tech fabrication processes.

Special suspension and storage technology for the inner tank inside the outer tank ensure extreme weight volumes can be effectively managed. LTi is able to weld stainless steel tanks to withstand the pressure of LNG encased within a carbon steel vacuum shell to ensure a long hold time.


The expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities of LTi ensure that a high capacity pressure optimised for durability and capacity is realised within any of our cryogenic vessels. Such specifications can make it possible to supply and transport natural gas easily and efficiently.

Core expertise

  • Over 46,000 sq ft total factory space

  • High Integrity, regulated State-of-the-art vessels and structures manufactured using Stainless Steel, Copper and high purity Aluminium

  • LTi employs around 100 people which includes one of the largest group of specialist coded welders in the South East of England

  • New manufacturing technologies and a global supply chain to reduce costs

  • ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 and NDA compliance

  • Members of the British Cryogenics Cluster and The Welding Institute (TWI), the Pressure Vessel Manufactures Forum (PVMF) and the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA)

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