Energy Solutions

We have extensive experience in the energy solutions sector, having for many years provided a wide range of high-end fabrication services to customers in this industry. We’ve worked with leading companies in the Energy, Scientific and Nuclear industries with names ranging from Siemens CT, Tokamak Energy, CERN and STFC.

Applications in the energy solutions market typically need to withstand some of the most extreme temperatures and pressure differentials, so the quality, integrity and reliability of materials and seals is critical to the safety and efficiency of appliances – with absolutely no room for error. As a recognised industrial expert in the fabrication of high-integrity components and welded structures, it’s something that is second nature to us.


Our detailed understanding of the materials, weld joints, fabrication and testing techniques needed to ensure compliance with the standards of this industry are why more and more companies are coming to us for help.

From precision engineering critical parts for a fusion reactor to manufacturing the key vessel structures needed for a high-profile renewable energy project, we can provide a wide range of high-end precision fabrication and welding services to the energy solutions sector.