SAF Seam Welding

Longitudinal Autogenous Seam Welding Services in Oxfordshire

LTi use semi-automated autogenous seam longitudinal seam welding on their aluminium products using DC current instead of the usual AC current. This ensures a high-quality weld without use of filler wire up to 6.5mm thick on square edge plate in one pass with full penetration.

Autogenous seam welding (ASW) is a resistance welding process that can be used to weld two overlapping sheets of aluminium without the use of filler metal. Continuous and longitudinal seam welding is a versatile and efficient process that is used to join sheets of various thicknesses and widths. Based in Oxfordshire, our team of coded welders are highly experienced, skilled, and are experts in all types of fabrication and welding for highly regulated industries and sectors such as Healthcare, Fusion & Nuclear, and Renewable Energy.

Continuous and longitudinal welding of aluminium using DC current is a highly efficient and productive welding process that is suitable for high-volume production applications. If you are looking for autogenous seam welding, then get in touch with the team at LTi Metaltech in Oxfordshire today.


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