LTi Metaltech

For medium & high volume production of pressure vessels using robotics and semi automation processes, find out more here.

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Welcome to LTI Metaltech

Precision Engineering, Fabrication, and Welding of Medium and High-Volume Pressure Vessels

At LTi Metaltech, we specialise in precision fabrication and welding for highly regulated industries such as Healthcare, Renewable Energy, Nuclear Fusion, Rail & Transport. We cater to both medium and high-volume manufacturing of pressure vessels using robotics and semi-automation processes, specialising in the production of cryogenic pressure vessels. Operating from Abingdon in Oxfordshire we have over 40 years of innovative expertise, we synergise the capabilities of our highly skilled workforce with cutting-edge technologies to consistently deliver high quality products that adhere to ISO 9001, 14001, & 45001 standards.

Vessco Engineering

For bespoke, low volume projects please click below to access Vessco Engineering who are specialists in this category.

High Quality Standards

Operating in industries which demand our solutions meet the highest quality and the most stringent standards, we’re recognised as experts in the precision welding and fabrication of structures capable of withstanding the most extreme and challenging pressures. Our attention to detail and precision has made us the leading UK manufacturer of cryogenic pressure vessels used in Siemens MRI Scanners, which are distributed around the world.

While we’re based in Oxfordshire, we work with UK and global companies and OEMs to deliver advanced high-performance pressure vessels and precision welded and fabricated structures using stainless steel, copper, and high purity aluminium, we strive to deliver cutting edge technologies for industries including Fusion & Nuclear, Healthcare and Renewables, with further capabilities and insights targeted in Transport & Rail.







Precision Engineering Capabilities

At LTi Metaltech we use the latest precision welding and fabrication technology to achieve the highest accuracy in all our materials. Using the latest automated manufacturing technologies combined with the talent of our experienced coded welders, we can manufacture a range of range of solutions for our customers. Our team or precision engineers, designers, welders, and fabricators are highly skilled and have a wealth of experience creating cost-effective solutions that are designed for manufacture.

Whether manufacturing pressure vessels to meet demanding technical or regulatory requirements or fabricating solutions for the nuclear, healthcare, or renewable energy sectors, our UK based engineering team will support you to create innovative technical solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering practical solutions to help meet technological and manufacturing challenges in highly regulated industries.

With the help of our semi-automated seam welding machines and our cutting-edge fabrication machines we can offer customers medium and high-volume manufacturing capabilities with a high level of precision. Our cryogenic pressure vessels have become popular around the world for that very reason. From design and development to testing and quality assurance, we offer the same exceptional pressure vessel manufacturing services to customers for one off or full production runs. In addition to our precision engineering services we also offer complete supply chain management.

Working at LTI Metaltech

We strive to employ the best people and develop them to safely produce exceptional welded fabrications, delivering quality and values though our expertise and innovation. We’re one of the largest employers of coded welders in Oxfordshire and the whole of the UK.

At the core of everything we do are our values:

  • Responsible
  • Collaborative
  • Progressive